• Even though it is not accurate, a cheap OTO chlorine test kit at least does not bleach out and will tell you if there is chlorine in the pool.  Of course, a FAS-DPD chlorine test kit would be best as Ann recommends.  You just add more DPD powder if you see a flash of pink and it can measure up to 50 ppm and for low FC levels you can even use a 25 ml sample size for 0.2 ppm resolution.

  • Try diluting 1 part pool water and 5 parts distilled water and then take reading. You may even have to dilute that down one more time. We have folks that install our ozone products and they don't change their routine like reducing the number of tabs in their feeder, or they don't turn down salt chlorine generator in the case of salt pools and they read no chlorine. It is normally too much chlorine and it is bleaching the reagent. Sometimes you can actually see an instant flash of purple and then white.

  • I would recommend using a titrating test kit to find out exactly how many ppm of chlorine is in the pool.  The only reason I know of why chlorine disappears is that the chlorine is bleaching out the reagent and is higher than what the test will test.

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