Combine a Sauna with Your Pool


Sourcing from Pool Life magazine    Date: October 26, 2012


Usually, Pool is a popular way to keep healthy and enjoy fun both in summer and in fall. It’s really an effective way to release the pressure from all aspects, and provide pleasure to all kinds of people ranging from thechildren to the older. We often combine spa to the pool—swim spa.


However, have you thought of putting a sauna to your pool area? Then you can benefit double, as sauna is also a very attractive way to keep fit and skin care nowadays. Actually, numbers of fans have done in this way:


“I have customers who use their saunas twice a day,” says Renee Gibbs, of Las Vegas-based Spas by Renee, a spa and sauna retail and construction company.


If you’re interested in expanding your options for pool area use in the fall, an outdoor sauna could be the perfect solution. With its thick, warm haze, fresh woodsy scent and escapist environment, a sauna is a leisurely place to unwind. For some, saunas are as invigorating as spas and as exhilarating as pools.


What’s more, sauna is now regarded as a great complement to other amenities.


“I just think a sauna would be a great addition to anyone’s backyard experience to enhance backyard activities,” Renee says.


In fact, time in the sauna can enhance your pool or spa experience. The structures are often placed so that a person can alternate between a cool swim and a hot sweat. The sauna also provides a place to dry off and warm up after a splash. Making the transition from sauna to pool is a sensation avid sauna fans describe as euphoric.


In order to improve the industry and professional products, we have a professional fair for anyone who have the need. Welcome to China International Sauna & Spa & Pool Fair 2013, which will be held on May 9th – 11th,2013, in China Import & Export Fair•Pazhou Complex. There you will meet various manufactors, dealers, visitors there and find lots of business opportunities. Hope you can have a time time there!




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  • Has anyone ever considered installing a kiln-fired tile mural in a sauna?  I have never seen it.  Usually the inside seems rather boring.  Why not use art tile to liven up that environment?  I could even be a backdrop on the walls behind the heating unit.

    • Yes, it's maybe a good idea. It can add more art atmosphere. And it can reduce the space the heating unit has taken! Maybe in future it will be a trend. Have you tried it in your home?

      • Thank you for you very meaningful reply.  I would love this to become a trend.  We don't have a sauna.  We use the local fitness center, and I have suggested this concept.  It seems the problem is it's a big corporation and apparently unapproachable.  So I'm reaching out here to those that design pools and spas.  Hopefully someone will say "lets do it"!!!

        As I've mentioned in my other discussions, Kiln-fired art tile is very versatile for any outdoor or indoor space.  A painting or photograph would otherwise be ruined.  The tiles are completely weatherproof and will never fade.  People don't have to commit to a permanent installation unless necessary.  In a sauna or steam room the art can hang on the wall and be rotated out as the seasons or desires change.

        • That's really great! I hope I can bring this idea to more people including the sauna professionals and sauna fans. Hope one day, we can make this idea true! Thank you so much for your creative idea, Dave! Actually, we have an expo--Sauna & Spa & Pool China 2013 to be held in Guangzhou, China in 2013. There we are planning to hold a industry exchange conference. I will put forward this good idea to their discussions. Wish more and more professionals can get involved in this hot topic. Do you thing it's good and available?

          • I'm unsure of what you are meaning in your last question - "good and available".  The tile I produce are certainly good; in fact they are excellent.  And this idea is also excellent.  I have optimized my processes to produce a superior result that others cannot achieve.  Finished tiles - ready to install - are available by placing an order to me.

            I wish it could be in the cards for me to attend your expo.  I have never been to China and I would treasure the opportunity to visit your great country.  When you discuss my ideas with your colleagues, see if they have ideas for an actual installation in a sauna or spa.  I can make it happen.  Perhaps someone will have interest in sponsoring my visit.

            • Dear Dave, I'm afraid you've mistaken my meaning. " Do you thing it's good and available?" actually is the meaning that Do you think that I talk your idea on the show is a good method or allowable? As it's your excellent idea, so I need to get your permit to do this. I believe your products are really excellent. So it's maybe a good opportunity for you to promote your product to Chinese market. However, it would be really hard to apply for sponsoring your visit to our director. I really hoope you can understand my work.

              • I understand your work but promoting my work to the Chinese market might be a stretch.  I'd be interested to learn your impression of this.

                For your upcoming expo I expect you are lining up vendors that sell saunas and hot tubs in China.  Do you suppose any of these vendors might want to show the art concept as part of their presentation?  If they were to send me a high resolution digital version of art that they like I could transform it into a mural to be shown at the expo.

                I believe my work excels above others in quality and color gamut, however that is not to say that others wouldn't also want to play into the same arena.  For instance, hand made ceramic artists might also want to do the same thing.  Also, ordering tiles from me would incur the expenses of shipping overseas.  I guess I have a small fear that my idea may explode, and then nobody ever comes to me to do work for them!

                Obviously, if art in saunas as I've described actually does become a strong trend, there's no way that I could satisfy the market by myself.  On the other hand, if the trend takes hold and the demand spreads in the US as well, perhaps work will come to me.

                Do you have any suggestions that I should consider in forming a good marketing strategy and sharing my ideas in China?

This reply was deleted.

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