Please forgive my ignorance of this topic, but I could really use some help.


I am trying to figure out what the most common, or preferred, method of chemical injection fittings are used. When you set up a new chemical system for a commercial or residential pool, how do you inject it into the main line?


Tap a check valve? Use a saddle clamp? Use some other type of clamp?


I appreciate any suggestions or feedback you have to offer! Thanks in advance!



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  • I drill and thread the port at one of the 90's or a coupler as the pvc is twice as thick at these areas


  • Let me see what i can find in my files...


    Yes this is what i use for Chuck's IPS system

  • We use 1 1/2" ABS Sanitary Tee's Tee'd into the return line of our Residential jobs.  We install 1 1/2" x 1/2" slip x FIP reducer bushings into the San Tee ends and use either the standard Roll-A-Chem Brass Injection fittings, or Roll-A-Chem Threaded check valve fittings.


    On commercial we have used standard Tee's (whatever size is appropriate) and bushed it down to 1/2" FIP and threaded in the Brass Injection Fittings. 


    One thing that I like to do is use a Schedule 80 Reducer Bushing to thread the Injection Fittings into... They are less likely to split if the injection fitting gets threaded in to far.

  • We recommend tapping in a check valve, usually 1/4 inch NPT.  Fewer problems with leaks.
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