• That's just another piece of incorrect information in the pool industry.


    This document gives detailed toxicity study data for Cyanuric Acid.  Note in particular that it has minimal skin absorption which would be most relevant.  It also has low toxicity for drinking water especially at the levels of CYA found in pools with a No Observed Adverse Effect Limit of 150 mg/kg/day so even at 100 ppm CYA that would be drinking over 100 liters of water EVERY DAY for a 150 pound person before any adverse effects (let alone toxicity) were seen.  There was no carcinogenic potential seen in rats or mice in 2-year studies.


    As Kim notes, the issue is really more with melamine and in particular with the combination of cyanuric acid (or related chemicals) and melamine since that forms a precipitate in the kidneys.  It is melamine that was in animal feed from China in 2007 and in infant formula in China in 2008 that led to deaths of pets and babies.  Melamine and uric acid can form a precipitate similar to melamine-cyanurate as can related cyanuric acid compounds like ammeline.  However, there may have been other compounds in the pet food in addition to melamine since isolated melamine toxicity studies show far higher concentrations to be needed to show adverse effects (the infant formula had higher melamine concentrations that could account for those deaths).

  • I am not aware of any study that has confirmed that. However, I kind of remember a study some 30 years ago, linking CYA to kidney damage.  But I think that study has been discredited. Now, the concern is with Melamine which is used for the testing of the CYA content, that may be causing some kidney problems.   
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