• There is a company called Datavantage that custom builds software to your needs. It is probably more expensive than a stock software, but custom is you best chance of doing everything you need.
  • I just purchased aand installed The software integrates w Quickbooks and is for Windows users only at this time.

    It does not do inventory, nor invoicing, but quickbooks can. It does track the workorders, scheduling and parts, time, materials, labors (for me it does flatrate). This is the closest thing I've found to solve my problems. It also affordable. I pay a monthly subscription fee. If you do query them further, do offer that you were refered by me.

    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa
  • Christina,

    What advantages does your program have over the Wise- Point-of-Sale?
  • Hi Kim,

    You should check out Evosus Business Management Software. The software was designed for the pool & spa industry and covers every aspect of your business including inventory tracking and the ability to track income and expenses by profit center.

    Although I now work for Evosus, I was once the store manager at a pool & spa company in Portland, Oregon. I spent months searching for software before I finally found Evosus in 2004. It was the best decision we could have made and I loved it so much, I now work for them. At least check it out and see if it meets your needs.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Kim,

    Good Luck, on finding one program that does the all in.

    I have spent the last 1.5+ looking at ever program that I could find or come across, and it really depends on (I Be leave) what

    type of Acc. software you are or want to use.

    What systems do u use know?....Acc. or Excell, Word???

    Their are two to three Pool Software Companies in PGN, they all have there Pros, and Cons. If, u would like further to talk to me then u can me through the send a message on are Home on PGN.

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