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I am wondering if anyone uses any sort of GPS tracking.  About 5 years ago we used a company called SageQuest and had our vehicles outfitted.  We discontinued that service as it was too expensive for 17 vehicles and we did not see a measurable return on investment.  11 of my technicians have company Android phones, and there are many GPS tracking apps out there, but i have yet to find one that will not kill the battery and allow me to view all of them on one map.  I am tossing around the idea of outfitting all 17 vehicles with GPS tracking again, but am a little turned off by the monthly monitoring costs of @$50 a vehicle. 

Ultimately i would like to put GPS tracking on the vehicles and would be willing to spend @$20 a month for each vehicle, but have yet to find anything to my liking.  If anyone uses any sort of program or has done this i would appreciate any info you could pass along.


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  • I have a mounted laptop in the service van w/ a sprint air card in a broadband router. I use the laptop mainly for my gps/map to follow. I enter the jobs locations the night before and open up the map on MS Mappoint 2010.  I have wanted to put my location on my website so that customers could see where i was in relation to them.  I cover a large geographical territory (lots of miles) and I get called "what time will you be here". I figured it'd be slick and gidgety/gadgety like of me to say, you can track me on my website.  Its my understanding of how this would work.  The laptop always having a web connection would poll the gps for current position to webserver and the track-me webpage would post the location every few minutes.  I think this goes against the terms of service for MS Mappoint and i dont know squat about webserver and programming so I've left it at that. just a neat idea on how it works in my head.  If thats the case, then why not be able to host the webserver myself along w/ my own website, laptop, gps antenna, map software, and sprint aircard allready paid for long time ago. just gotta find someone to put the pieces together.


    Surely we're not alone in this idea are we?  Totally not worth $25 a month to me.



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