Hi, I am looking for some average prices for the installation of heat pump, gaz heater and propane heater in these states: CA, TX, OK, FL, MN, OR, MA, VA. I also need to know if the propane and gaz tank are normally rented or sold with the propane and gaz heater. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hi Jeremy, I would like to contact you to get some more information, is there an e-mail address to reach you?

  • Here in Florida, only licensed gas contractors are allowed to make the installation.  Even retailers (distribution chanels as well) are required to have a gas license from the department of agriculture.  Gas providers can either rent or sell the tank.  Tanks are not rented if buried.  Those are sold.  Some providers will offer 1/2 price for first fill-up w/ new system.  Propane averages $4.40/gallon in my local area.  I don't qoute installation prices without a trip to the job site.  Way too many variables to know what we might come up against.  

    Heatpumps also the same, gotta be a licensed pool contractor to make the installation and often times need an electrician to provide the 60 amp disconnect.  Sometimes that requires upsizing the subpanel.  Theres a few bucks wrapped up in that effort.  I'm glad to discuss specific pricing outside of this forum if you need more details.



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