• Talk to Tara liners. Get their a-b measurment process. Getting a liner from a dig spec could lead to a bad fit. The guys building it might have screwed up. 

  • thank you.

  • check out the Kayden Mfg.  group here on P.g.n. Talk to Jeff.

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The LSI is Reliable

Using the Langelier Saturation Index as a guide for maintaining proper pool water balance and to protect pool plaster has become a mainstay in our industry, and we believe, for good reason.

We at onBalance have conducted several LSI…

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Aqua Genie

I have a real old Aqua Genie skimmer with a control valve.

My issue is there is no plumbing schematics detailing how to connect the feed inside the skimmer through the control assembly and into the bottom of the hopper.  If anyone knows…

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