Looking for a Book I once had!

Some time ago I had a book called  "Million Dollar Mistakes in the Pool Industry"

There was a section devoted to the company who tried to manufacture Aluminum Skimmers, Lights, Jets, Bottom Drains which of course failed in pools.

Has anybody seen this book or have a copy that they can scan about Aluminum and why you cannot put it in Swimming Pools.

I notice they are making Aluminum Lights for Pools now (Par 56) which I know won`t last.

Kiwi Norman ; Email kiwipool@vodafone.net.nz

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  • Anodising the aluminium will give some protection to parts but it's still a poor choice although various parts of our jet ski's survived the sea water immersion because of anodising.

  • Aluminum is often used in railings and header bars for electric automatic covers, but these are not usually immersed in the water.  If a header bar is immersed for a "vanishing" cover, it is usually required to have a zinc (or magnesium) sacrificial anode buried in moist soil and electrically connected to it (usually via the bonding wire).  This is especially needed in saltwater chlorine generator pools due to the higher conductivity of the water from the higher salt levels.  See the photos in the following link as an extreme example where salt splash-out accelerated such corrosion:


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