Performing a controlled pool water drain

We are considering a controlled pool drain on a couple of older pools that we believe the pool surface will not be able to make it through a full know what I'm talking about...and the home owner either can not handle the cost or wants to get "one more year's out of playing with the process of rating the flow of the water hose from the home to the pool and the over flow spigot from the pool system....but wanted to hear any tips or tricks from anyone out a couple pools I need to do this to....alk is way out of range and so is yes and thereThanks

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  • Hey Jody, why don't you save yourself the trouble of having to do all that and just hire a pool service company instead? From the way you put it, it appears that your pool has high TDS levels and there are no precautions undertaken to reduce it, there's a chance that your pool surface is at a risk of getting deteriorated. Are you also living in a place with heavy rainfall? Luckily, I'm from Toronto and it doesn't rain that frequently here.

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