Does anyone use an electric hot water heater such as the type for a house to heat their pool? I mean to ask, can you run a closed system with a heat exchanger to heat the pool?  The water heater would have to have a pump to run the circuit.  Would it be efficient? 

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  • Just would not have enough BTU's to get the job done. An electric water heater is typically about 4,500 watts. It would be like trying to heat the pool with 4 hair dryers. It would be about 15000 BTU's. A typical pool heater would be closer to 300,000 BTU's.
  • Sorry Luke, I guess my question is confusing. The pool water would not go into the water heater, the pool water would circulate through a heat exchanger and the hot water would circulate through the water heater into the heat exchanger

    Luke Norris said:
    would not be efficient. Home heaters don't have the same BTU a pool heater does. Also I am sure the chemicals in the pool water would damage it in the long run. Nice try... But save up for a heat pump and enjoy the savings.
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