I have a customer I will be designing and building a pool for who is requesting that I make a strait drop off from a 4 foot shallow area to a 10 foot deep deep end. 

I stated that I did not feel that would be a safe design and the customer wants me to show standards or codes that would back up what I am saying.

Does anyone know where there are standards or codes that regulate how we design and shape pool interiors?

In the APSP manual it does state that swim-outs to should be no more than 20 inches in water depth and also clearly marked with tile markings.

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  • I have always followed the 1 foot of elevation drop per 3 feet of length model, unless it was a beach entry, when I used 1 foot in ten. This may be mirrored in David's link, but is pretty universally accepted from what I have seen.

    The sheer drop off at 4' is a dangerous pool, in my opinion, and would not bode well for resale either, I would think. If I were the builder, I would decline the job as opposed to creating an unsafe pool.
  • ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 Standard for Residential Inground Swimming Pools SECTION 5 "Pool Dimensions and Tolerances" :

    It covers things like max allowable slope, minimum depths etc.

    That may be what you are looking for.
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