• Call Saftron Rails in Florida.

  • Imagine this: Two commercial 6" ladder sockets cast into the deck six feet apart. Get a commercial bending shop to bend "annealed" stainless steel tubing into the shape that would please your customer, drop into the anchors and bend down into the pool. If 1 1/2" tubing is too large in diameter for their hands, then use 1 1/4" and weld 1 1/2" to it at the ends. With the anchors six feet apart, there is room on the rail for two people and it is still small enough to move. Use the same material and wall thickness as is typically used on commercial ladders. This is thicker than a residential ladder. This job will take some planning. MAKE SURE to get a client sign off prior to rail construction. If you need it more rigid, weld in a cross brace.

    Best of luck, Rob Lane

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The LSI is Reliable

Using the Langelier Saturation Index as a guide for maintaining proper pool water balance and to protect pool plaster has become a mainstay in our industry, and we believe, for good reason.

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Aqua Genie

I have a real old Aqua Genie skimmer with a control valve.

My issue is there is no plumbing schematics detailing how to connect the feed inside the skimmer through the control assembly and into the bottom of the hopper.  If anyone knows…

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