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Anyone have a preference towards one brand of robotic cleaner over the other, water volume, belt drive vs direct drive, USA made, made in Israel, distributor vs factory direct?  Seems like a good way to take a beating trying to compete w/ online retailers, so I'm looking for something better.  Any recommendations?  And another thing, how are these robotics at medium to heavy debris in the bottom, pine needles are an issue here and will bog down most suction or pressure side cleaners.



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  • Jeremy,

    Originally all robotic cleaners were belt and track driven. Over time and advancements in technology have seen most new units eliminating or reducing the amount they depend on belts and tracks. Most new designs are using direct drive systems to reduce the amount of maintenance and breakdowns.

    Where they are manufactured is not as important as to the service centers and support from the manufacturer in the United States. As long as the network of service centers is sufficient, where they are made is not as important as the technology and ease of use for the homeowner.

    The cleaners all have variations on what they can pick up with debris. The positioning on the bottom lid intakes in relation to the position of the brushes is important. The closer they are together the better the brushes agitate the small debris and therefore filtered out by their onboard filter system. The other consideration is the size of the filter cavity. How much volume can the unit hold inside of itself before the unit stops functioning properly? The larger the space inside the cleaner to hold debris, the less time you need to clean the unit out to function properly.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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