I know several companies in Atlanta where my friends/colleagues work and their company's business model is built around ripping off the customer. For example, they have to replace the Polaris bags every month regardless of condition ( and its above the average retail price of $75). Every month they have a new part that has to be replaced in every pool regardless of condition. Last month it was pump baskets...every single pool. The month before it was backup valves, then before that wall fittings, then skimmer baskets, etc.. 

     I'm not debating the ethics of these companies even though I find it morally repugnant and it gives the pool service business a bad name. The average monthly bill from these companies is usually from $500 to $800. This is the reason customers fire their service provider and do it themselves.

  So my friend has a garage full of good used parts...he just thinks it's ludicrous to throw this stuff away and I agree. But he wants to get rid of this stuff and make some money. Other than Ebay or Craigslist does anyone have any ideas on how to market them. Since he got these parts for free (otherwise they would be in the dumpster)...he can sell them dirt cheap.

    We're open to any creative ideas. I say "we" because he said he would give me 50% of what I helped him unload. Thanks! Pool parts aren't cheap. Next time you're in a retail store like Leslies Pool Supply check out the prices. Thanks!

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