All the trucks are awesome folks, but I'm an service van guy. All organized and labeled, dont have to climb up in the bed on my knees and deal with such a short height camper shell either.  I sized several years ago from my Ford Ranger ext cab w/ hightop shell to a GMC Savanah Pro cargo van.  I dont see how I ever made it without the van. 


So, I'm in the market now (like right now, gotta have something ASAP) for another van. I can't find what I want used at the price I want to pay.  Then I saw Luke's trailer and said, "How many of us are using trailers  being pulled by a small, efficient pick'up truck.  I think I can make a go of that? Besides, it;s much easier to find a mid-size truck and an enclosed trailer w/ sidedoor and rear fold down ramp.  Any one here using a trailer and hating it? How so?



Florida Leisure Pool & Spa

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  • I use a trailer quite a bit but not for work. I, like you have a service van, and I absolutely love it. Nearly a zero turning radius. I work in some narrow streets and driveways with tiny cul de sac turn arounds. I personally think that dragging a trailer around all day would be a drag. If you pull it behind your personal vehicle while doing commercial work for hire and have a wreck, you may be in for a rude insurance surprise. Therefore you will perhaps need to carry commercial insurance on your personal vehicle. On the flip side I use a 14 foot Haulmark trailer to haul RC airplanes to airshows, and I have a complete workshop inside which would be really nice for on-site repair jobs. Best of luck whatever you choose!
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