Smartphone Apps for service

Hello y'all,

Second Generation Pool person here and I am slowing trying to change for the digital world with resistance from the First generation. I am looking for some different pool service / maintenance apps that are fairly easy to use with the ability to take photos and send information to the homeowner instead of leaving tickets on the door.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • How many pools do you service?
    • We started with a company called PoolTrac. Very affordable. The great software to start off with. It’s app based and it cost about $40 a month. We started using this program about six or seven years ago and it completely changed her business. We went from around 100 pools to 250 pools in about three years with this program. It does have its limitations but it’s great to start off with. Right now her companies in it Transitional period of going to a new software. I have no issues with PoolTrac other then I have grown it.
    • Currently we only do maintenance on about 30 pools. In 2016 our area flooded and we lost about 20 pools and we have been struggling to keep the position filled. Hoping to find an app to communicate better with our clients, keep good help then add to our route again.

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