Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights

With every pool requiring Lights. I set to 10 years ago to design a decent light.

I soon found out that because I was not the installer it had to be simple (IDIOT PROOF)

Now I have achieved this and believe that my range of Swimming Pool Lights lead the world in design and simplicity.

Yes all 12 Volt SMD type LED`s that have a beam angle of 120 degrees and wet niche.

The Niche is 4 inch and with the number of older pools requiring replacement lights easy to install by drilling a hole and epoxying them in.

The method of connecting the cable sets a new standard in how simple and effective it can be done.

Yes designed by a Pool Builder with Pool Builders in mind a Distributor is required in the USA for these lights.

Also due for release is our new Par 56 Lamp, makes all others look like a old  Ford model T.

Info email me . kiwipoo@vodafone.net.nz

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