Any ideas for how to (temporarily) light an outdoor pool at night? The pool is 75 feet by 35 feet and the owner cannot afford underwater lighting.


What would it take? The pool currently has a 30 foot light post in each corner of the deck that temporary lights could be attached to/suspended from. None of these existing lights are operational since they were installed in 1955 (when the pool was built) and all the wires have since corroded underground.

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  • why not use lights found in ponds. They're not necessarily permanent, can be moved in/out or around.  They even change colors.



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  • Here are a couple ideas.  

    1.  Use work halogen lights set at a distance of more than 10 ft. from the pool and run from extension cords.  You could mount them on the existing pools. 

    2.  Use 12 volt Savi Note LED lights mounted in submerged CPVC conduit and positioned under the water.  They fit inside an 1 1/2" internal thread fitting.  

    3.  Used the parked cars in the parking lot and leave the lights on.  

    4.  Use Tiki torches around the pool.  


    I'm too tired to come up with any more ideas.  Maybe someone else can brain storm of these ideas and come up with something that will work. 

  • It would most likely be an 'every friday night' type thing, and, unfortunately, building code does not allow any electrical light source to be suspended directly above the water.
  • How temporary do you want? You can get the kids glow sticks and break those up. They glow nice, but only last a day.
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