My husband and I do weekly maintenance as well as repair work in our business. We are Contemplating stopping weekly service as it has way too much headaches. However this is what holds us over for the winter months? Whats your thoughts? 

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  • I have been doing repair only since 1998. I will say that it is a very different business from a service route. First, although I have regular customers who I see every year or so, unlike a service route, you need a constant stream of new customers. This means more advertising and more networking. Second who are your customers going to be? If you sell your route, you have to assume that the person who buys it will also be doing repairs for those same customers. Do you plan to just market to people who maintain their own pools or how can you fit in with the pool guy? What will you offer that will set you apart? I have tried to set myself apart from the standard pool repair person by focusing on the technical end of things like automation, VS pumps, heaters, and portable spas. I have about 60 pool service pros that call me in for some of these types of repairs. There are other directions one could go as well. A friend of mine has a company that just cleans filters for pool guys. Another teaches CPO classes. Some repair guys stay busy through warranty work (either home warranty or manufacturers warranties). Clearly define you customer and your business model, then be prepared to modify it if you find that one area is making more money for you than another. 

    • Clint,

      Thank you. We currently are working with Two home warranty companies and pushing out about 250 WO a month with Each. We also have about 130 weekly customers we maintenance for Cleaning and the repair work. I do a lot of advertisement for both services and it works well. We do the VS pumps, heaters and all the equipment we just dont do the above ground spas except for warranty customers. We are CPO, CPI, TDLR Licensed, MPO, Hazmat and Insured. My Only concern is durning the winter months as the repair work does slow down quite a bit and there is where my weekly customer pick up the slack. How do you stay afloat in the winter? We do everything in house so I dont sub out anything except for Major electrical like if they need a new panel inside the home thats where my master electrician come on board as we are not licensed for that. We even work on Heat pumps and water chillers. We are Jandy warranty reps as well. 

      Thanks in advance!


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