What is the best approach when winterizing an inground pool? Do you blow out the lines closest to the filter first and so on...? Or does it not matter? What combination of chemicals would you use to get the best results throughout the winter months? Is liquid shock and algaecide recommended vs. granular shock and algaecide? Or is there a better combo to use? Your thoughts are appreciated. 

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  • In NJ.
  • I lower the water level below the skimmer. Blow from skimmer to pump then blow through system on recirc for returns, then waste line. We shock when when close if the chlorine is low but if the chlorine level is already pretty high we leave it as is. For tarp covers and ultra-locs we just use chlorine if it's a regular mesh cover we use an alg 60 unless the customer doesn't want it. We use cal-hypo for shock since it stores better than liquid chlorine, we use the alg 60 since it doesn't contain metals, regardless some safety covers will turn green if the weather gets too warm or the pool is opened too late.
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