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We as an industry need to step it up a notch (or several.) How many times have we heard "How much is there to know about swimming pools?" That is where we as professionals have dropped the ball. The public needs to be aware of the many issues that affect them that are taken care of - or not - if a true professional is not hired.Get involved in you local associations and make a statement, publicly. Inform consumers of the value of our profession. We are capable of teaching the public how to keep their pools safe and sanitary. We can prepare them for a storm. We can make them VGB compliant. We can provide safety tips at home or in public pools. We can help them understand the value of having a sanitary and compliant pool. We can stress supervision is key. We need to take this knowledge to the streets. Many people are not aware of the adverse effects if they swim in a pool w/ algae or no sanitizer, etc. We need to validate our position as industry experts to the general public. Yes, it takes some of our precious time to accomplish but it needs to happen.Our chapter of the Florida Swimming Pool Assoc. has decided to fund swimming lessons for local children. This will help raise awareness of what we are about and help some very deserving children. There's no down side. We've become more visible and we've helped kids. . . . . It's only a start, but I'm thrilled that it's something.Do you have suggestions to help raise the bar? I'd love to hear about it.
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