Business Owners have famlies too!

A customer the other day reminded me of something important, personalize your business. Unfortunately a large number of American citizens today believe that if you own a business you should provide non paying services on demand to them and that you already have enough money, you don't need anymore. But yet they will buy on the internet and in catalogs and not local because they get a cheap price. This only happens when they don't need services.This customer requested warranty work for their heater the Thursday before Easter. They did not purchase the heater or pool from us nor are they on our maintenance service. As I would like to have them as a customer I worked the manufacturer warranty call into our schedule for the next week in a spot I reserve for MY loyal customers and proceeded to engage her in conversation hoping to be able to present our services for her. As I explained to her the privledges and benefits my customers enjoy she commented that she wished we had built her pool and she may call us sometime for maintenance service if her present service company did not do a good job this year. Then she concludes, "but he does this as a living to feed his family."I bit my lip, held my temper (as I do have one - all those that know me quit laughing) and kindly told her that we did this to feed 10 families. I did not tell her that this individual followed my trucks for 2 weeks the previous year collecting my customers address' and then wrote to all of them telling them information that was not true. And that he lied about his experience and was unprofessional in the way he conducted his business. Nor that he adds chemicals to the pool while smoking a cigarette and cannot figure out how to backwash a cartridge filter and has to call me to ask. Or that her neighbor tried to hire me to teach this imbecile how to operate a pool (they couldn't afford that call).What I should have told her was how our HARD our employees work to make a living and support their families, myself included. I have the best employees and I do not like calling them that because we all work together to make this company what it is. This is a message all of us as owners need to remember and let the public know.My web page WILL have employee photo's and if they will allow with their families. This is not my company but OUR company as they make sacrifices as well for this company. WE work together to provide THEM with outstanding customer service. This is what an American business (shh...we call it capitalism) is all about. Working hard to take your knowledge, teach and engage others to help more customers and somewhere get money for it to pay taxes.This customer called Pentair and filed a complaint because we could not get to her house that day or the next. Go figure....she still owes me a trip charge from LAST year's warranty service request.
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  • I like that Wes and will use it.
  • Wendy,

    This is a bit late responding here, but I stumbled across it for a reason I guess.

    My hat is off to you for "stickin' to your guns" and yet, handling yourself in such a professional manner. I can just imagine the steam rolling from your ears as this customer spoke. Here is how I have handled similar situations:, we are so busy, it will be 2 weeks before I can get someone to your site. Does Morning or afternoon work best for you? Please be advised that we now require all Diagnosis Fees to be paid upon arrival. You will get a written diagnosis of your problem and if you choose to have the repair done, any parts must be paid for in advance, and all fees are due upon completion. Do you prefer to pay by cash, check, or credit card?


    Forgive me here but .....what an idiot! called Pentair and complained...


    We have a saying up here in the woods: "$50 dollars in Newport would solve this problem."

  • It's way too late to stop now. Thanks
  • It is harder to run a good and honest business than a dishonest business! Good businesses seem to last longer than bad ones. Stay with it !!
  • I guess things haven't changed since I retired Wendy. Now, I'd tell her when she calls for service that she'd have to send me an email describing her problem and any other information that pertained to the equipment. Also mention your fees, etc. that you will send to her in an email. Now when the creep refuses to pay I'd take your emails etc.copy them, mail them back to her with another bill (including late fees) and tell her the next piece of correspondence she'll receive will be from an attorney to collect the money she owes you plus HIS FEE.
  • "personalize your business" - Great advice; I think both the customer and the business benefits if there is the sense of a relationship.Your postings are always interesting and relevant - Thank you.
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