June Issue of Aqua features Rex, Brett and Mario

Just wanted to let everyone know there is an article in Aqua I wrote which gives a lot of advice on internet marketing based on lots of the information offered by Rex Richard, Brett Abbott and Mario Rosetti, this site and the Pool Genius Academy, and also some of the seminars given by these guys at our national and regional shows.

I tried to pull together some of the high points they have covered and I have researched to understand this subject better myself. If you want to get a basic primer as to how the internet sites can fit together for you for your marketing program, I think this article will hopefully help you. It is a challenge for me to understand how the new technology really works! I hope I was able to pull together some of this information in a simple way that will help others who get as confused as I do with the changes and the breathtaking speed with which this new technology inundates us!

There is also a discussion in the article of the new Pool Info program Rex has now established. I'm impressed with how he was able to pull together all the threads of the new methods of marketing online and promote them in a unified way to actually sell to the public. There is some exciting stuff happening in cyberspace, for sure! I want to thank Rex, Brett and Mario for the work they are doing to help our industry take advantage of the new marketing opportunities to promote our industry positively using the web.

It certainly helps for oldtimers like me to have some professional guides along the way who understand this new wave thoroughly and are willing and able to share it with others. Hats off, guys!
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  • Thanks, PoolDraw! I have an article now in about retail stores and will be having an article in about every other month the next few months. I am glad you are reading and enjoying them! I appreciate it!
  • Nice piece Merry,
    You seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the process! Actually have been reading your other articles from way back - lots of good information!
    Here is the link to Aqua's June digital issue as I never saw it here on the PGN page
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