Sometimes the Small Stuff is the Best Stuff

As I write this, I am at my daughter's house in Austin, Texas, and can see from where I sit one of my favorite pictures, a photo of my daughter as a lively child of about ten, floating on a raft in our home swimming pool with my Mom protectively by her side in the pool, enjoying their happy swim together. Those small moments are the kind of memories we make in our business, and we can all take pride in creating thousands of happy family memories all over the world with our work.

That carefree ten-year old today is a lovely young woman of 33, and the reason I am here is to share another small and happy memory, Charles Anthony Wen Tao Yen, born to my daughter and her loving and supportive husband one week ago, their very first baby. We work hard, worry about our businesses, get caught up sometimes in the very serious problems our country and the world face, but the small stuff is the best stuff!

My new baby grandson sleeps peacefully, growing day by day to take his place in the world and make it, hopefully, a better place when his time comes. This lucky child shares cultures east and west, and symbolizes the best of what our country has become. When all is said and done, family is everything, and no matter what problems assail us, looking into the peaceful, innocent eyes of the newborn baby makes you realize again that hope and renewal are born every day.

I think it is helpful in our day to day grind to step back, and look at the small stuff, the joy in a child's eyes as he or she splashes in a pool we just built for the first time, to hold the hand of a child, cuddle a newborn once again, encourage the anxious new parent that it all works out just fine. We need to sometimes remind ourselves of the same thing.

I wish my Mom was still here to meet her beloved granchild's baby, but hey, maybe she is. Welcome, to my husband Charles' precious namesake, and thanks for renewing the hope and love only the smallest of the small can bring a family! When things seem overwhelming, stop and enjoy the small stuff in YOUR life! It's just the best!
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  • I know, but I will again, and will certainly call ya'll, Brett! This time I was doing baby duty to help the new parents! What a joy to hold a newborn infant again! It's been a long time! Nothing sweeter, and this baby is gorgeous. He's big; nine pounds, and she is about my size. After 57 hours of labor they finally did a c-section, but both are fine. She really wanted natural childbirth but I was ready to shut down Little house on the Prairie hippie farm long before they did! They are totally devoted to doing everything just right for their baby and will be great parents. They will also look back and laugh at themselves in future years in some of the video we all took, though, especially the one of my son-in-law "teaching" Charles and me and his parents "how to change the diaper". Very cute!

    Hot stock tip: Invest in baby wipes. My son-in-law uses about 25 per operation! Their stock has got to be soaring!
  • Amen, sister, and hooray for your inspiration. This post belongs on a plaque some where.

    The only sad part of that story is that you came to Austin and didn't call US!
  • Congratulations Merrie ~
    Thanks for such a lovely reminder!
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