• We were thinking about cooking and kitchen gadgets since we added Strahl entertaining wear, looks just like glasswear.but it is unbreakable and works nicely around pool/spas. So I was thinking around winter holidays people cook more and buys gifts

    Has anyone else tried this are please give feedback. Thanks

  • We have a great product for winter business, our sand filter cleaner.  You can get schools, Y's, athletic clubs and hotels to use this product.  It is very profitable and pretty easy to convince prospects to clean their filters. 


    For example, you sell 1 gallon of our cleaner per 300 pounds of media for a deep cleaning.  You can sell the cleaner for about $55 per gallon.  This adds up quickly when most accounts have more than one filter.


    Bill Soukup


  • In South Carolina, I see dealers in the pool industry turning to several of the ideas already mentioned.  Billiards, Christmas shops, wood stoves and fireplaces, small heaters like the Edenpure system all can provide a dealer with a winter business opportunity.  I really like your idea of going in a totally different direction Troy with your fleet and asset tracking services. For retailers and service companies that focus only on residential, try looking at picking up a few commercial pools.  An indoor pool needs regular service and many contracted commercial pools still bring in revenue in the off season.
  • To all out there weve taken a totally different track weve started a company selling and providing GPS fleet and asset tracking services. We all know lots of contractors and service companies. Weve been doing this for three years now and have also help set up a number of fellow pool contractors in the business. If anyone is intrested or needs help or information we would be happy to share. The money in this type of business is in the residual billing like home alarm systems
  • I think our business name and logo says it all. Our billiard wing was added 3 years ago and we have been pretty sucessful with it. Our retail cue and accessory sales have been great, especially with the 40points profit we make on them. The downturn has hit the billiard market as well this year, but our accessories are still selling well.
  • Concerning winter business opportunities; I work with many pool businesses in the northeast and New England that sell and install wood stoves and fireplaces. This business seems to be very good this year so far due to the rising cost of oil and natural gas.
    • Mike , as my experience has been here in the Northeast as well. Other alternatives for builder/retailers has been conversion of the retail area to a Holiday Showcase/X-mas Store. This has been succesfull in keeping traffic in the store and also creates opportunities for more pool sales. For a service companies; I have a number of guys doing outdoor decorating through the holiday season They find with the dedicated openings and closings it is an opportunity to keep the service teams employed year round.
      • There still is a lot of opportunity out there but you have to be willing to move outside your comfort zone at times.
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