• I have Contacted Both of the compaines as well as my Distributor, they are putting some infor together for me. Thanks guys!
  • As a distributor, it can be hard to carry all the options for toys, floats, games, etc.  Since you can buy direct and typically the minimums are not too high it may be in your best interest to buy direct. As Chris mentioned, distribution will sometimes work with you and in some cases might even stock a few items but I always direct my customers to look into a direct relationship with Swimline, Poolmaster, etc.
  • Great I just contacted both companies. Thank you so much!
  • What I do , is write down what you want and write down what you can get it for from Swimline or Poolmaster and tell them to match it, they should be able to meet it, get with your BDR and he will do it, if you can do it before the end of the month they diffently will to meet sales goals for March.


    If not just go with them directly, I don't think Luke is right I think you can get a $1,500 order.  I do know they have minimums for free freight.

  • Yes, I use SCP, Not Superior, there prices are too high. I will check it out for sure! Thank yoU!
  • Do you buy through poolcorp ( SCP or Superior?)  If so you can buy Swimline or Poolmaster usually for about the same prices but dont have to meet the minimiums and sometimes different branches stock different toys. 


    In my store we use Swimways, Texas Recreonics, Swim Line, and some Pool Master.  


    I buy everything from SCP besides swimways.  They match or beat all of there prices.





    Like this link but Wholesale, My Distribution does not carry items like this.

  • you mean stuff like oriental trading co?



    • Why not through distribution?  unless you are buying large quantities, distribution is your best bet. 

      Jeremy Hine said:

      you mean stuff like oriental trading co?



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