I currently have my CPO and my certification is about to expire.  I plan on retaking the course but was also interested in the AFO (Aquatics Facility Operator) certification.  I am in the distribution side of the pool business and use the certification to stay current with customers, colleagues, etc but I'm not sure which route to take.  Since I don't manage any pools directly this is more for my continued knowledge in our industry.  Any thoughts?

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  • I think taking both is a good idea as well, fundamentally there is similar information however they both offer additional things that the other does not. I did them both myself. The fact that you see the importance in continuing education while not required to do so is commendable. Kudos to you...
  • I would say take both.  You will always benefit when you expand your knowledge base, and at the very least it will lend more credibility to your customers when they come to you with questions.
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