Dangerous VGB Solutions

I wanted to share this picture with everyone on here.  Please feel free to pass this information along to everyone in the industry that you may know.  We recently took over this account and when we pulled the cover and drained the pool, we discovered the previous company's VGB solution.  These particular grates are tested to withstand @150 gpm at 1.5fps.  The minimum flow requirement on this pool is 213gpm at 1.5 fps.  Because the previous company was completely lax in their estimate and solution, they felt that they could slap on these covers and be fine.  As you can see the exact opposite is true and they have created a much more dangerous solution than if they had left the old covers in place. 

Unfortunately this is not uncommon.  I have seen too many times where someone either in the industry or a maintenance person just slaps on new main drain covers without taking into account flow rates or properly securing the covers.  We as an industry all look bad when this happens and we need to hold other accountable for their dangerous and life threatening solutions.  The fact that this was done is completely unexcusable.  Had someone spent 10 minutes actually addressing the system and seeing what type of water they were moving this could have been prevented.  Fortunately for them and the property, no one was hurt or killed. 

I truly hope that everyone passes this on and uses this as a learning and teaching tool.  Educate others in the industry that might not be as vigilant as you are and educate the properties as well. 



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  • I repeat myself, Ignorance is bliss.
  • with all due respect bruce i have to disagree. if they dont know the standards and limitations on the product, they shouldnt be doing the job. the feet per secomd standard in our state is very well known and is quite common in many surrounding states. the fact that they blatently disregarded this and didnt bother checking the rating on the cover displays their laziness and unprofessionalism. i have been on too many jobs like this where a company has gone the easy and cheap route just to satisfy the law and has completely ignored the ramificaions from an improper and poorly suited equipment for the installation. the numbers and ratings are easily accessible on the product literatureor from a simple call to the dealer rep. i know this because i actually did my job when this whole law was passed and researched the flow ratings at my states requirements from every manufacturer out there.
    i can also tell you with certainty that the suction force on that main drain cover was far greaterthan a non vgb cover simply due to the open area of it. never have i seen an old style 12 x 12 cover cavitate like that. no doubt the asme would say that drain was vgb compliant.
    it is time for us an an industry to stand up and realize that installations like this make us all look bad. i know this company andknow they have done this on many other pools as well. i will not stand for it and have already showed these pictures to thw state. it is not like it will matter however because i doubtthis particular company has ever filedthe right paperwork for these conversions.
  • The cover they chose is VGB tested and certified for 256 gpm, and is accepted in most states, the error was not realizing they are in a state that has a stronger standard of 1.5 fps which reduces this cover to 151 gpm, there solution was in error, but was not dangerous and may have been a great improvement from whatever prior cover was used
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