Insulation of a swimming pool

HelloI was wondering if any of you guys know of any studies that have been compiled with regard to insulation of pool walls, floors and under soil pipework.In the UK most of our pools are of a masonary block construction, small percentage of larger domestic and commercial pools being Fibre Glass. I know some work has been done here in the UK to which i attended a seminar, but the results were very inconclusive and did not persuade many.In theory i can understand the need to insulate the return lines underground and to a point the pool walls, but obviously there has to be cost saving to justify the work.Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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  • Back in the 80's, an entrepreneur named Mark Urban persuaded a homeowner to allow him the opportunity to build a thermally insulated pool. The hole was dug and plumbing was installed. there was approximately 4 " of 3# density urethane foam applied as an insulator to the entire hole and trenches. A "rim " spray of plastic was topped over the foam to protect the foam from intrusion of the steel and then the pool was built as a normal gunite plaster pool. there was solar on the roof and this pool would stay reasonably warm even through winter. The pool was located in San Clemente barely inland above the ocean.
    All was well until the plumbing developed leaks and the leak detection company had to track the leaks through the foam. Quite a bit of destruction.
    The pool was very expensive for it's day and no one believes that the extra cost would ever be recouped
  • Well i know some people within the company that set standards within the UK pool industry have done some studies, sat through a 5 hr seminar on the subject...ouch!
    I can certainly see the benefits, but i think the cost will outway the benefits for installation. Does not seem to be alot of thought within the industry here for debate on energy conservation, just alot of words.
  • Back in the early 60's a company named Trojan pools first introduced an insulated wall. Maybe I'm just from the south but it seems that when the ground has a freeze level in the soil we usually aren't using a pool. And if we are it is usually enclosed or those crazy polar swimmers are using it. I would assume that most heat is lost from the open surface area. This may be why there are not alot of studies on this. I would be interested to see such studies also.
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