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Hello all, I am a current pool tech in Maryland. I have been working for a local pool service company for 3 seasons opening, closing and doing weekly services as well as equipment repairs. I have done some leak detection by pressure testing lines and using dye in skimmers.

There is only one well known leak detection company in the area, and they are always booked a month or more in advance. I am seriously contemplating opening my own company, and wanted to ask for any tips or advise. I have been looking at leaktronics equipment, but it is going to take me at least 6 months to raise the capitol to get what I need.

If there are any other members on here that do leak detection, I would be grateful for any advise on pricing, guarantees and insurance as well.



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  • I just want to update this thread, since it has been a while and I don't want to waste anyone's time. I did contact John Stinemire and ended up meeting with him and his daughter, who actually own the one company I was talking about. I found out quickly how little I knew about pool leaks and how to find them.

    Since that time, I have been working for them, and learning as much as I can as quickly as I can, and I absolutely love it. I could not ask for greater people to work for, or for better teachers.

    I did get to go to the NESPA convention this past January, which was very fun. I met some good people and did see some neat things. Also, attending the leak detection course put on by Anderson was nice, since my boss was on the panel and most of what was taught, I already have a lot of experience with now. It made me feel good to see just how much I had picked up in a year's time.

    Anyways, thanks to those who responded, and extra thanks to John and Christine, you guys are the best.

  • Hi there! It's good to know that you'll be starting your company soon, If you want some tips or advice from experts then I recommend someone I know, feel free to contact them at cvpools.com they are a good and reliable source if you ever have problems regarding your pool.

  • MIke,

    you need to check out the leak repair devices at:


    AND--you need to attend the NESPA show in 10 days in Atlantic City. If you only hit one booth, make it the Pool Service Products booth # 1318. You'll be amazed. Seriously.


    Tal Millican

    CPO 33-303047

    Pwlshrk, Inc / Multi-Tork Pool Tools

    Tampa FL


  • Mike, call John.

    Also, there is definitely more than just one leak detection company in Maryland.
  • Mike, call me. 410-212-3358
    • I didn't get on here until late last night. I will call after work today.

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