It is time to start up with the new marketing ideas for 2010. Last year I mailed post cards out to previous clients and potential new clients off of a database from a builder. I am wondering how other pool companies attract new clients without using the newspaper ads or phone book. Please post your ideas that work in your markets. Any ideas would be helpful. I am trying to look outside my own ideas this year and try all new forms of media.

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  • When you are all getting ready to send out these mailers, I would suggest contacting some of your manufacturers to see if they would be willing to offer you some co-op marketing dollars and sense. If you are thinking of having a grand re-opening sale, for example, you could pick a product or two and get the manufacturers to pitch in. It would cover a great deal of your costs and give your customers some specifics to look forward to. If anyone offers our liquid pool cover products, Flexible Solutions certainly works with our Dealer Network like this!

    Good luck in 2010!
  • Wow, all great discussion and ideas. I am looking forward to a big 2010 year. I will definetly implement some of these ideas. Thank you all Chuck Diamond Pools
  • Chuck, Luke,
    I paid $10.00 for a list of pools in my county from the title co. It is in a spreadsheet format andd includes name, adr.,zip, prop. desc, etc. Granted, my county is small (2000 pools) but a marketing co. will break you over.
  • A lot of these ideas are great and work. However, I think it is important to realize the benefit of networking. Find other service providers in industries similar to ours and trade referals. Business's such as maid service, window cleaning, dog poop scoopers, landscapers, lawn care guys, etc. Customers who hire these services and have a pool are likely to hire a pool person. There are also networking groups such as BNI, local chamber of commerce, or search It can take a while to build a sound network of people who you feel comfortable refering, and feel comfortable refering you, but it will pay off if you provide a valued service and work to help those in your network. PGN is a perfect example of a networking group helping each other. Best of all, it is mostly free.
  • Chuck, I find direct mail to be the most effective form of advertising for my business (Leak Detection & Repair) than anything else I have tried. I refuse to pay the outrageous prices for Yellow Page ads or any of the printed media. In this day of technology that form of advertising is fast becoming obsolete. I have also found that partnering with pool companies that provide complimenting services works well and costs very little if any money. Hope this helps.
  • You are a GENIUS.....what a GREAT idea.....thank you! They ARE excellent payers, and USUALLY not too demanding either. PLUS as a bonus, they have a lot of connections too.

    Luke Norris said:
    I put a ad this year in my local Gay Pages. That is about all I did that was new.
  • Chuck,

    Some title companies have a list of properties with swimming pools and they usually sell them for very cheap.
  • you did what?!

    Luke Norris said:
    I put a ad this year in my local Gay Pages. That is about all I did that was new.
  • Hello Chuck, what type of business or service are you marketing for? Do you have a database of customers? How did your mailer work out last year? Mark
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