• I have used PoolDraw since 1996.
    I couldn't be happier with the program and support from the program creators in Florida. I forced myself to learn computer aided design to speed up and simplify the constant redrawing of pool plans. Instead of going back to the office for hours of redraw to “move the spa over there" or "flip the pool" or "my brother in law said ...." I now encourage the changing with simple clicks to add, delete, flip, invert and show.
    I use PoolDraw extensively for remodel sales as well as new construction. With the 3D addition, the added features, especially waterfalls and sheers, became a very easy "sell" as part of the job. Letting the home owner point at the screen and tell me exactly what they want gives them a much greater feeling of involvement. Most "old school" sales did not include the property owner nearly enough in the design process. When they design it with you, they own it! By the way, if it is a difficult sale I let the home owner price it on my laptop.
    City building departments and the EHS offices like the plans that are computer generated.
    I have used it on gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools.
    A friend of mine sells above ground pools and I have used it to work with him as well.
    I may think in a different fashion from most pool sales people but I decided to own a program rather than rent one.
    After 25+ years in the swimming pool business, drawing with computers has been one of my best time saving, money making decisions.

    Ken Lewis
  • In our industry there are a wide range of pool markets, pool companies, salespeople and sales techniques. Some pool job sales require an in-house sales design and computer presentation; another sale might involve a preliminary discussion and then a second appointment with design ideas and job details. Some jobs call for a 3D presentation; for others a 2D sales layout is more appropriate. Whatever the successful sales approach, pool design technology should be part of the sale, contribute to the pricing and facilitate the construction. Prior to 1995, Auto-Cad was the only design tool available to pool-builders. The introduction of PoolDraw®, an innovative Microsoft Visio add-in with a familiar Windows interface, provided every pool builder, salesperson and designer, with an easy to use technology tool to draw their pool designs, produce construction drawings and save time in their job management process. In 2002 Pool Studio entered the market with a great 3D sales tool.
    It’s mostly about what you are looking for in a design program.
    PoolDraw produces superior construction drawings with an easy cad-like interface.There are specific tools developed for pool design such as the radius tool, deck offset, and measure tools for specific pool design elements such as coping, pool surface area & deck dimesions. Users can customize the software to provide measurements specific to their own criteria. We provide a complete operations manual as well as online instruction for our customers.PoolDraw is able to import/export autocad files for conversion, and can also generate a bill of materials directly from the drawing page; in 2004 we added a 3D tool for PoolDraw.Some PoolDraw users use our 3D, others use Pool Studio and most do not use 3D at all. Pool Studio is a wonderful product developed specifically as a 3D product. For many designers it is a great choice. However there are those pool builders who do not like the interface and are not completely satisfied with the construction drawings. PoolDraw is a one time purchase and after a few sales the software has paid for itself - Pool Studio’s permanent lease program allows them to update and provide ongoing forums.

    Check out the PoolDraw page for comments by users and the additional comments on my blog post – 2/23/09 –pool design software - a tool for every builder, salesperson and designer
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