We have looked at RB Control systems off and on. Does anyone use such a system that would have any positive or negative feed back they would share. We are a construction, service and reatil outfit and we are looking for ways/systems to improve our scheduling, inventory, counter sales etc. For the past 18 years we have pushed everything through Quickbooks, which is ok for accounting, but not real user friendly when it comes to what we do everyday. Thank you for your responses, Jamie @ Advanced Pools

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  • I've used Evosus, Peachtree, The pool Progam and now RB. RB is great, reasonably priced and offers great service. Love it.
  • Oh forgot to say the Conns, Since it networks with your office sometimes its a pain. Since its a new software they still have some issues, all minor, a few was major but he was able to correct them.


    Hope this helps!

  • Jamie,

    I use a Program Called " The Service Program" Bill is this Owners Name - I use it for my Route, Task, Work Order, Repeat reminders (filter Cleans, Salt cell cleans, etc) It Works great with Quickbooks ( I use QB Pro 2011) Its a newer program but I love that you just pay a one time charge (the software) then a yearly Tech help price its your software once you have paid for it. U just pay for Tech help if you need it. with the program you in create new lead instead of placing them in quickbooks to take up space for actual customers, genrate invoices/estimates.

    For the field tech/cleaners the program also has app to work for the guys in teh field and it sends directly back to the office. I love that its not online like other programs because I keep CC on files so I dont turst all of that info online.


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  • Thank you for your response. It is so hard to sift through all the fluff these days. I was hoping to hear likes and or dislikes from folks just like you that had actually used the product. Thank you again, Jamie.

  • I used RB Controls in the past when I managed a retail, build, service company. It was very powerful and useful. If you go with them, make sure your inventory information you send to them is accurate. If you start out wrong on quantities or product ID numbers, it can be frustrating.

    I liked it and their support is good.

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