Rough Diamondbrite Surface

i have a client who has allowed his water chemistry to ruin his finish.  His LSI was so bad, that the calcium attached itself to the walls of the pool and was very sharp and rough.  We have removed most of that calcium, however the surface is not as smooth as it was before.  I am able to take a scraper and smooth out the surface, but as you could imagine doing it this way would be too time consuming.  I thought i had seen in the past a wet sander used on aggregate finishes, but i can't remember.  Has anyone seen this particular tool and used it in the past?  I know that the surface is pretty much shot as the color is gone, but my goal and his is to at least smooth out the surface a little to get him by until he resurfaces it. 

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  • We've had good success using the Quick Q-6 with #50 pads for cleaning up calcium deposits. We have also removed copper and iron stains. My plasterer uses them to expose the aggregate on his "polished" pools. The benefit it that even relatively inexperienced employees can wet-sand with good results, where the old dry grinding techniques required training and a better touch or they would leave "chatter" marks.

    氣動工具 Quick Pneumatic Polisher
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  • Yeah, we use a HydroTorque to hone the surface.  Use a #70 pad if it is really rough on the first pass and follow that up with a shot from a #120.  That will smooth out the finish.  Passes should be fairly quick and for goodness sake don't sit still or you'll chew through the finish enough that it can be made a bit transparent.  Very similar to buffing a car.

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