• Well I totally agree Merry, that there is nothing more critical and important than a parent, or adult who WATCHES their children. Sometimes it isn't going to be MOM, but if not MOM, DAD, or another adult seems reasonable. Thanks for sending your comment on this!
  • No. The most important safety device for a swimming pool is not a fence, not an entrapment prevention gizmo, not safety rescue equipment, not even swimming lessons ( although those are importnat) or lifeguards. It's a Mother. A Mother who WATCHES her kids, takes responsibility for their safety herself, and has strict rules about the pool she enforces, and basically everything else. You can't outsource motherhood.
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Aqua Genie

I have a real old Aqua Genie skimmer with a control valve.

My issue is there is no plumbing schematics detailing how to connect the feed inside the skimmer through the control assembly and into the bottom of the hopper.  If anyone knows…

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