Underwater Speakers

Does anyone have experience with speakers that are submerged that allow for music to be heard underwater? I have a customer who has inquired and I admit that I am not sure where to start. The current pool owner is an executive with Disney and had the underwater speakers installed when the pool was first built. Now, several years later, the speakers stopped working and the home owner wants to have them replaced. Any input would be helpful.

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  • Thanks again to you as well Bruce for the help!!
  • Rick,

    Those are the speakers I was looking for, thank you for the help. I have contacted my local Pentair rep about them and really appreciate your insight.

  • Those are them (Thanks Rick!).  Nothing but great reports back from those that have experienced them.



  • Go down to page 36. Paragon has been making them for years, probably before many who do now. See me, them or whoever the KDI, Paragon or Pentair Rep in your area is if this looks like them.



  • Bruce

    Thanks for your input and please let me know the about any info on the speakers regarding a brand name. Also, definitely some good food for thought about the audio source being bad. I will look into that when I discuss with my customer and appreciate the help.

  • I've put them in several pools, Scott, and they work very well.  The first one I ever did was for The Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad, CA (it has since changed hands, and I can't recall the new name) in their perimeter overflow pool.  The others have all been in homeowner pools, and they too have been very happy with them.


    I can't remember the name of the ones that I used, but I will try and find them for you.  My question is if they have "failed" or if the audio source is bad.  I haven't heard of the speakers failing yet, so I suspect the audio source may have bad inputs, or maybe a setting has been accidentally changed.  Has someone checked that (I'm sorry if you have and that is now a stupid question!)?


    I will still try and find the info on the speakers for you.  Hope you (and everyone) is having a goos memorial Day weekend!



  • My understanding is that most are similar to pool lights with niches (I assume they are all wet niches too) so you should be able to remove one of them and see if there is some sort of labeling present that you can make out to see about pruchasing direct replacements...

    Scott Tarr said:
    Thanks David, I mentioned this to my customer but apparently the speakers in question are actually plastered in flush to the wall of the pool.
  • Thanks David, I mentioned this to my customer but apparently the speakers in question are actually plastered in flush to the wall of the pool.
  • I have heard these are good...




    I do not have any personal experience though.


    Knowing the source this recomendation came from, I doubt they are cheap...

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