In Texas we are currently experiencing another "exceptional" drought. It is common to find pools that are over stabilized, especially vinyl and fiberglass where the owners have been shocking with dichlor. In trying to be a responsible steward of our dwindling water resource, rather than dilute the pool, I added sodium bromide, switched them to sodium hypochlorite for shocking, and calcium hypochlorite tablets. There is also an RO contractor locally and that sounds like another good alternative. Looking for some feedback. I have used bromine conversion successfully in the past, but was curious if there are dangers to be aware of in doing so.

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  • Bruce-


    Can you post a link to the R/O contractor?  Please share my address ( with him as well.  I'd love to add him to my contact list of R/O referrals.


    As for shocking, I only use sodium hypochlorite (bleach, chlorine, etc.).  Adds water, chlorine and a little salt to a pool, and it works!



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