What PPM are you keeping your pool at?

(Informal survey)

I'm just wondering what PPM everyone is keeping their pools at.. we're shooting for 2.0 available chlorine, and/or 700 ORP if we have that sensor available.


If anyone is much lower, or much higher, what is your reason for doing so? Thanks!

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  • I would say 1ppm free at a minimum but its usually going to be1.5ppm for public or commercial. If you keep it at 3ppm and still have a problem with combined its not high enough yet. But you probably have other issues to look for.
  • Jon,

    We typically run our indoor Class A Pools between 2 to 2.5 PPM of FC, and maintain pH at 7.45. At these parameters, we are maintaining 810 to 820 mV ORP, depending on the pool. This is using liquid chlorine, using SureWater's HCF Venturi Feeder, feeding at 0.5 gpm, and venturi feeding CO2 at 80-100 scfh. Our Combined Chlorine levels on these pools typically run between 0.2 and 0.4 ppm's, and virtually has eliminated the need for shocking.

    For us anyway, it was all about learning how to use liquid chlorine smarter. If your interested in what this HCF is about, there's an old discussion a couple of years back that may help explain it. At the time, there was little interest in it.


    It's all about keeping up with demand, in what really is a timely fashion...which is in minutes of actual feed time, not hours.

  • That really depends on a couple things, CYA level being one that is very important, and method of sanitization being another.  I keep my CYA at 30 ppm, and I like my FC at 4.  That gives me a margin of error so that I never deplete completely, which could happen if kept too low.


    I am a liquid chlorine fan (I use the HASA Liquidator to supply).  SWCG need a higher CYA, but can keep a lower FC residual.

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