Where is the "Cash for Splash?"

Where is the Cash for Splash?The government is taking many millions of dollars from all of us, and there seems to be unlimited funds for the favored in our struggling economy, but where is the cash for splash? Throughout the country, pool builders are selling pools, only to have trouble getting them financed. Yet today, it has come to our attention that our government is loaning two billion dollars to drill for oil in…Brazil! George Soros, coincidentally, holds the largest holding in his hedge fund in Petrobras, the Brazilian company. We are lending money to Petrobras in order to drill offshore, while at the same time expanding drilling is prohibited in our own country!In the meantime, our own vehicles have to be filled up with expensive foreign oil each day, the financing has dried up for pools, and the cash for clunkers program is being prematurely closed amidst a chaos of mismanagement. We found out in Texas this year that not only did we need to run our businesses, but defend them and our customers against onerous and poorly thought out new legislation threatening to burden our customers with extra costs and us with untenable procedures.Fortunately we were successful in our “grassroots” efforts to modify this, but on a national level we need to be aware, informed about what is going on, and ready and willing to defend what we have worked to build. If Paul Revere were taking his midnight ride today, he might be shouting to us, “the socialists are coming, the socialists are coming!” Taxation without OUR representation to fund Brazilian oil drilling, helping cronies to make megabucks in the process is robbing us of our “cash for splash”! It may no longer be enough to be businesspeople- it is time to stand up to save private enterprise and also become patriots.This is only my humble opinion, and I respect yours as well, agree or disagree- but can you tell me why there is no cash for splash for We the People?
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  • Tony: I think socalism is left.
  • I do believe that the pool industry was asked if they wanted money - that's all I know with no details remembered. It was turned down because someone was smart enough to know that if accepted we would be another government held business. I am so disgusted by this administration and have read about Soros for years. When you get a chance, take to the streets, we need to be heard and not pushed aside.
  • Socialism is right. Interesting how all of these high price government benefits favor the Presidents constituents the most. I did not have a 1980 beater pick up truck to trade in did you?
    A quote attributed to Margaret Thatcher goes along the lines of

    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."
  • They should be investing more money in pools and less in politicians!
  • You sentiments remind me of my horror when I heard our Governor's office say regarding stimulus money that no money would go to pools. "We have enough pools in Florida." My question is/was "How many jobs are created by building pools?" We should take this information to our legislators.
  • How right you are, Brian and Jan! I guess we will have to build pools with a smart car and a shovel!
  • Still looking for the electric powered backhoe and dump truck to qualify for the program, seen any yet? My website has a cash for swimming pools stimulus program. I hope Mr. Soros drowns in a barrel of foreign oil.
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