Above ground liner installs

I hope everyone is doing well.  Just would like your input on how you install above ground liners.  Over lap as well as beaded.  How many guys do you use?  Vac?  How do you limit foot prints in the sand?  I have done many and they come out great.  However, there is always a different way of doing things in this business.   Thank you.


Eric Stringi

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  • You can also try using a product like Gladdon's Happy Bottom for your AG installs.  It can help with reduced indentations from foot prints.  It is padding material that is sold by the pool size for easy installation.
  • I found that having water standing by is the best way to get a head start.  First thing I did when I pull up to the site was start filling our tanks. Each truck carried a 500 gallon tank.  By time we needed that water to help set the liner our tank was full.  I ran a production team of 3 or 4 guys per truck setting up 3 pools a day per truck, and we ran 3 trucks.  This was a few years ago now out of Cincinnati, OH covering OH, KY, and IN. That area is above ground pool mecca.

    Each man has a specific task, and no one, I mean no one has their hands empty wondering what's the next step. I subbed out the site clearing to one man who'd have the sites priepped 2-3 days prior, sand already dumped in the middle prior to the crew's arrival.



    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa


  • A nice hot day is good ,too.
  • Most beaded liners should take just one person(once you get used to it) but I prefer to have 2 guys.  

    One think you do need is a good vacuum ( I prefer the Mighty Vac from Qproducts but if things are tight you can use a good shop-vac) 


    Like Luke said make sure you just wear socks.  We bullfloat the sand and get it packed down then we mist the sand with some water


    Get about 4 inches of water in the pool, get in it bring the wrinkles to the wall and they should go away,


    We run the blower till the water gets up about a foot and just have the customer pull it out and turn it off or if you are close I would go get it.


    Thats all I can think of right now.

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