We are looking at doing a mailer with a magnet on it. So my question to you is,

If you got this in the mail would you keep the magnet or throw it away?

Also if you have done mailer postcards with magnets on them let me know how it worked for you. Thanks


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  • I have so many magnets on my fridge and I can never seem to get enough. At the risk of sounding stereotypical or gender biased, I am going to suggest that women are probably more likely to keep the magnets than men. My reason for this line of thought is my group of friends and family - all the fridge items on the fridges of everyone I know were put there by the women, with very few exceptions. Of course, this is a very limited study group :D Anybody have a contrary POV?

    If it was nice looking, I would definitely keep it. As a marketing tool, I would suggest going for something colorful, or with a cute character on it, or perhaps with a joke that ties into your business? (I'm thinking of Aqua Magazine's Phil the Poolman comics, here) It would have more impact than a business card magnet only, and it would catch more attention with guests.

    Keep us posted as to how it goes!


  • I have a program that I can discuss with you about different postcard options, but I got mixed reviews this year from dealers sending out mailers/postcards.

    • Cool Scott give me a call

  • I would probably toss it.  BUT, that's me.  We have had decent success with print & direct mail recently, though our area is demographically a bit older than a lot of areas around the country.  Probably explains why the paper versions are doing well at this point.

    • Thanks for the input. I am having success with direct mail also i have found that it has to be a really good mailer for you to get a good response.

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