Replacing spider gaskets in backwash valves successfully is an age old problem for mechanics everywhere and I would like your input on what you have found to solve it.I've tried RTV, the black stuff from 3M, Super Glue with NO success. One of the best products I've used is discontinued. It was from Locktite called Poxy Pouches. Very convenient, single-use, flexible, water resistant, fast setting, epoxy.I'm currently using 3M DP-105 two part cartridges. These are loaded into a small dispenser gun with a mixing tip that fit into the gaket slot nicely. It is flexible, can live its life under water, and sets quickly. The bond, however is not as strong as I would like. What have you found that you like?

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  • magic jacks lube,
  • Randy,

    im not familiar with using a little jacks. Can you explain?

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    Randy Mann said:
    i just use a little jacks, if it rolls out again i sell them a new multi port then show them how to push the handle down all the way
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  • i just use a little jacks, if it rolls out again i sell them a new multi port then show them how to push the handle down all the way
  • Anybody use hot glue, ya know, the kind crafters use to glue stuff together? A small electric "gun" heats up a glue stick the size of a pencil. Nothing to dry out, flexible, cheap, sticky as can be, water resistant. Hmmm, that just might work!
  • Really appreciate all the feedback. I still like the 3M DP-105 but sure feel better about discovering that the cartridge is empty.

    Many years ago an older tech also advised that one pour water under the handle while operating it to flush the dirt out and allow it to turn easier. It does seem to help. I also agree with turning the handle only one direction, and like Todd says, handles and washers are very important for proper operation and they DO wear out.
  • I have heard of (or done) all of the following: my initial instructions from my first boss when I got in the biz was...super glue gel. The next place I worked for advised me that nothing should be used, due to the fact of the complexity of removing it. Lastly, when I did pool service, I had a very experienced pool guy tell me to use the yellow (or orange) window sealant stuff that you can get at an auto parts store. One thing that I have seen in several of the comments is that you always, without a doubt, turn the handle in the same direction. I definitely agree with that.
  • I dont use any adhesive i just fit it in and lube up the gasket with ''magic lube'' silicone lube, also you should try turning the valve only in one direction it might stop the binding or rolling of the gasket. One service i offer is to rebuild the multi-port, including replacing the shaft o-rings and spring which ussally helps with older multi-ports.
    There is a tool out there called "the bubba" (multi-port press tool) which works well for getinng the diverter apart to replace the o-rings and spring check it out. I got mine in 2 weeks to key west from california. Heres the website and good luck I hope it helps some.
  • good old super glue for me
  • I used 3m weather strip adhesive for some time it worked good the valve body has to be very dry, then one day i replaced a spider gasket, spring, handle and teflon washer (i'm old school) i did not have any adhesive not even pvc glue, i know people who use that so, i did not use anything and i figured the diverter would hold most of the gasket down correct me if i am wrong i think all sides of the opening on the diverter will hold down the gasket. Make sure the diverter does not drag over the top of the gasket when changing positions good handles and washers a must, any way it worked what i am trying to say is i don't use adhesives any more. That may not be the way to go but has worked for me so far, i do try to do things the right way. Sorry for the lecture....
  • I haven't used any adhesive for years. I instruct the client to stop at each detente and allow the gasket to be re-seated, then to the next, and to the next....etc. I also instruct them to turn the valve ONE direction, normally clockwise. I don't replace many gaskets after the client adopts this method.
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