I have checked the state drought map monthly for the past year to try to circumvent any restrictions that may be placed upon us as a builder. What suggestions do you have for working with your local officials on restrictions, selling techniques and filling of pools with water?

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  • A pool is also useful as a backup water supply in case of a fire. There was also some talk of using a pool as a solar heat sink with solar panels, too. The "green thing" is popular and might be another method that would work in your area to get the officials on your side.
  • I would work a pool cover into your package and ensure the officials that you are doing everything you can to contain the water used in a swimming pool. Emphasizing any leak detection programs / products you may have should help as well. Perhaps adding a water reclamation product to your package may be another venue worth looking into (e.g. something as simple as a rain barrel could work). If I think of any thing else, I'll let you know. Pool covers would be the big one though, as you lose a lot of water through evaporation. Of course, I do promote a liquid pool cover that could help you out greatly ;), let me know if you would like more information about them. Good luck!
  • Merry,

    This is a great suggestion communication is the key. Back in the 90's we were set to install one of our systems into a ABC news reporters home in Sacramento. The City told our installers that they must use copper piping for the whole installation which is very expensive and would of killed this deal and many others. So we sat down with them and we talked and after our conversation we all came up with a solution that satisfied both parties saving the sale.

    I would take Merry's suggestion of pointing out the difference between watering the lawn vs filling a swimming pool it surely can not hurt.

    Merry Wise said:
    You might point out to them that a swimming pool uses less water than the same area of lawn to keep it watered.
  • You might point out to them that a swimming pool uses less water than the same area of lawn to keep it watered.
  • I really wish I had a good answer, Santa Fe has alot of homeowers wanting pools,but water restrictions keep from being able to permit. When have gotten people into swimspas because it is a spa then had water trucked in. I be watching this for someone who has a idea.
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