What sells well? What doesn't?

We all have items in our stores that are SUCCESSES because they almost sell themselves. We also have those new items we've just found and we're HOPEFUL that they'll be something our customers will actually want. And then there are those items that have proven to be big DISAPPOINTMENTS despite our grand hopes. What are some of yours?SUCCESSES:--We were pleasantly surpised by a wooden furniture set call the Gibranta Set from Unique Arts. It's been an attractive and relatively inexpensive set that comes boxed and ready to assemble. Our dustomers seem to like it's look and its price point. (We don't sell patio furniture as a rule so we cannot justify a high end product.)--We've also had success with the Prodyne line of polycarbonate glassware and servingware; some of their items have very nice packaging.--Big Green Egg's charcoal has a very strong following. (Not easy to make "pretty" in the store, but it's what folks want.)--Surprisingly, Skimmer-Angels, Dip-Its and the Wall Whale have all done very well for us. The Wall Whale is an easy sell to folks who have just replastered their pools.HOPEFULS:--We've just brought in something called The Go Towel. It's made of bamboo and is vacuum-packed in a disc that is not much bigger than a poker chip. You can throw it in your purse, your bum-bag or your cooler. As soon as it gets wet, it expands to the size of about 2 large papertowesl. It can be washed out and used again. It would be perfect for wiping up spills in the car, wiping the dew off the patio furniture, drying up if you get caught in a rainstorm, wiping off sweat during a bike ride or jog, or a variety of other places on the fly. We hope to sell it for just $1.29 so it's not a big money maker, but it's cute, environmentally friendly and unique.--We've just brought in Natural Chemistry's Spa Purge. We've had folks ask for something like this in the past, so hopefully it will be a natural. We're also hopeful that their liquid stabilizer (Instant Pool Water Conditioner) will be something that our customers will be willing to pay a premium for.DISAPPOINTMENTS:--A couple years ago, we brought in the waterproof Ipod cases and they still look very nice sitting on the shelf. Apparently our staff is too "square" to sell these well. I think you need to relate to a product before you'll be a big advocate of it.--We had A LOT of success with Crocs shoes for a couple years, but by the end of last summer, they quickly turned to dogs for us. We're clearancing them now; if anybody would like a good deal on some inventory, get in touch with me.

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  • Hi, Kelly, great thread! I think a lot depends on your area and clientele. Then there are some items that everyone needs universally and those are always good to have on hand. Whether an item moves or not also depends on how it is displayed and how the staff pushes the item. Some items need a bit of explanation by a knowledgeable sales person to sell, or just to be brought to the customer's attention.

    Over the years tried and true items for us have been the floating blossom lights for anyone having a party, the underwater water rockets, swim through rings, and volleyball and basketball games, especially the combos of both.

    Another big seller for us is Aqua Golf. To sell it though, if it is new in your store especially, open the game, st it up and have Aqua Golf contests while people wait for their water tests and give a small prize or five or ten dollar gift certificate to whatever customer gets closest to the pin by the end of the day. have them write their name and phone on a little sticker and stick it where the ball was closest, taking it off and replacing throughout the day with whoever is closest.

    I also sell, and others around the country do as well, my pool care book I wrote. I originally did it for my own customers and then started selling it all over the country. SCP and Superior carries it now in lots of locations. Many people add it into the price of a pool, spa or maintenance kit and include it standard. This is a good way to make extra profit on something you are selling already.

    In fact, I recommend "bundling" of products like that- include something that goes with something else and sell it as a package, especially if you can bundle a high dollar item with a lower dollar item, such as the care book with a pool, or a starter kit of chemicals with a set of fresh test chemicals or test kit, etc.

    We've had our share of loser items, too, but what I usually do is buy a small amount of new things, try them out, and select things that would make good Christmas presents or I would want myself or we can donate to a school auction if they don't sell! Some items are good to have just to look cute and freshen the store even if they don't catch fire and sell right away.
  • Hey Kelly,
    Don't forget the Green Products. Customers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The Green Eggs are great. Good luck on the up coming season.
    Steve Sweeney
  • Thanks for the lead on Pooltraderonline.

    Go Towel's website is: http://www.luxebamboo.com/
  • This will be an interesting discussion topic -
    The Go Towel sounds like a winner - do you have a website?
    Re your Crocs -
    There is a group called Pooltraderonline (Groups - view all) to find it -
    I think it was created last week.
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