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Crystal Coat

Guardex made a product called Crystal Coat a number of years ago.  Of course when I want to try something, they don't make/sell it any longer.

Does anyone know if this or a similar product is still made and if so, who should I talk to.


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Filter sand

I own a residential/commercial pool   construction business in Ohio.

We have had issues on three different residential systems, where the

pool filter sand is "clumping" inside the pool filter. All three are the same:

less than 30 days into operation, hi

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The LSI is Reliable

Using the Langelier Saturation Index as a guide for maintaining proper pool water balance and to protect pool plaster has become a mainstay in our industry, and we believe, for good reason.

We at onBalance have conducted several LSI…

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Aqua Genie

I have a real old Aqua Genie skimmer with a control valve.

My issue is there is no plumbing schematics detailing how to connect the feed inside the skimmer through the control assembly and into the bottom of the hopper.  If anyone knows…

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